About Julia

As a master beadweaver and designer of distinctive beaded art wear, Julia Pfeifer has perfected a wide variety of techniques. She has concentrated her dexterity on one of the most intricate of beadweaving mediums, microbeading. Each antique Italian bead is smaller than the head of a pin (18-20 ott), enabling Julia to design and render intricate pictorial pieces of extraordinary dimension and shading, a feat virtually impossible to accomplish with other mediums. Due to the increasing scarcity of these beads, which have not been produced since the 1920’s, each of these woven pieces is a collectors item. Inspired by her earlier work in textiles design, in which subtle colors and textures were key to her creations, Julia employs unique and innovative use of traditional stitches to achieve the desired complexity for her original, custom beadwork designs.
Since 1990, she has specialized in commissioned custom beaded wearable art.

One of Julia’s other specialties are her concho belts. She inlays each beaded design like a gemstone in sterling, a completely original process she first perfected in her own studio, and has since taught the silversmiths with whom she currently collaborates for her orders.

The Empress Necklaces that Julia creates are taken from an ancient Egyptian broadcollar design. Using the microbeads she creates broad pictorial designs enhanced with a wealth of beaded fringe.

A graduate of New York University’s School of the Arts, Julia has been beading for over 25 years and has employed mixed media such as feathers, precious metals, stones, leathers, and furs in conjunction with beadwork in her many designs. She has produced belts, tapestries, ceremonial fans, bags, jewelry, clothing, and cowboy boots. Her one-of-a-kind pieces have appeared

Julia has opened her own Gift Gallery on Saturdays & Sundays (and by appointment) at Cold Spring Tavern in Santa Barbara, CA You can contact Julia by calling her at (805) 217-4370.